Scholarly Articles

“Stars Are Not Always White: Queering Race, Temporality, and Iranian Identity in Rah’s Supernova,” Andrea D. Fitzpatrick, Ottawa, Ontario, 2018-2019


“Ways of Being Here: The Making of Immigrant Subjects,” Barbora Racevičiūtė, Toronto, 2016

2-Ways of Being Here

“Art Journal,” Vol. 8, Ph.D Francine Dagenais, Tehran, Iran, 2012



“In Conversation with Rah,” Public Parking, Manitoba, Canada, 2018 

4-In conversation with Rah | Public Parki…ublication | Manitoba | Public Parking

“Fair of Alternative Art 6,” Canadian Art, Gloria Jane Bell, Canada, 2018

“SuperNova and Rah Eleh’s Identity Issues,” The Coast, Brandon Young, Halifax, 2018

8-Prismatic preview: SuperNova and Rah-Eleh’s identity issues | Visual Art | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

“Die Flüchtlingskrise aus künstlerischer Sicht,” Katrin Holtz, Budapester Zeitung, 2017

10-Die Flüchtlingskrise aus künstlerischer Sicht – Budapester Zeitung

“Arts in Ottawa: A Weekend of Firsts, Lasts, and Second helpings,” CBC News, Sandra Abma, Ottawa, 2017

9-Arts in Ottawa- A weekend of firsts, lasts and second helpings | CBC News

“Meet the Artists,” LondonFuse, Emma Marr, 2017

11-Meet the Artists- Western’s Open Studios 2017 – LondonFuse

“Women, Video and Avant Garde Filmmakers,” Cinewomen Cahier, Vol.15, Paris, 2015


“Rah,” Point Magazine, Toronto, Canada, 2015


“Defragmenting Identity,” Guerilla Art Magazine, Ottawa, 2015


“Vienna: The Street Art Waltz,” European Magazine, Veronica Pozzi, Berlin, 2014

14-Vienna Street Art Waltz

“Raheleh Saneie’s WhiteFace Parody,” Six Pillars To Persia, 2014

15-Raheleh Saneie’s ‘Whiteface Parody’ | Six Pillars

“Georgia Fee Artist, Writer Residency,” Artslant, Joel Kuennen, New York, 2014

16-Georgia Fee Paris Residency

“Islam Contemporary Shines at Liechtenstein, Whitney Centres,” The Berkshire Eagle, Kate Abbott, Pittsfield, MA, 2013 

17-‘Islam Contemporary’ shines at Lichtens…reaking News, Sports, Weather, Traffic

“Islam Contemporary: A Journey into Past, Present, Future and Action,” Rural Intelligence, Nichole Dupont, Pittsfield, 2013

18-Islam Contemporary? A Journey Into Past…occo, Occidentals – Rural Intelligence

“Art Show Look at Modern Islamic Life,” iBerkshire, Andy Mckeever, Pittsfield, 2013 

20-Pittsfield Art Show Looks at Modern Isl…erkshire County community information.

“Raheleh Saneie: An Artist Profile,” Herd, Amanda Spadafora, Issue 02, 2012


“Ciphers Tension with Tradition in Contemporary Iranian Photography,” Najaf Shokri, 2012

22-CiphersTension with Tradition in Contemporary Iranian Photography


“Prismatic,” Shahin Sayadi, Halifax, 2018

“In Pursuit of the Perfect Pose,” Leila Fatemi, Toronto, 2017

24-In Pursuit of the Perfect Pose

“Performance Voyage 5,” Timo Soppela, Finland, 2015

“11:45,” Kate Barry, Toronto, 2014

 “Transformer the Body Remixed,” Jason St. Laurent, Ottawa, 2013

“Islam Contemporary,” Pittsfield, MA, 2013

“Ciphers: Tension with Tradition in Contemporary Iranian Photography,” Andrea D.Fitzpatrick, Ottawa, 2012

Video/ Radio Interviews

“Death To/ Long Live the Archive: Race and Gender in Video Art,” Koffler Digital, 2018

“Woman,” Anastasia Mikova and Yann Arthus-Bertrand, 2017

“Koumaria Residency,” Medea Electronique, 2016

“Refugees Welcome,” Orange Radio, Vienna, Austria, 2014

Promotional Material 

Aesthetics of Violence, Thorneloe University, Sudbury, 2018 

Rah, Galerie De Novel Ontario, Sudbury, 2018

Rah Eleh: SuperNova, Halifax, 2018

Dal News: SuperNova-Created by Rah Eleh, Dalhousie University, Halifax, 2018

A Filmmaker Artist’s Talk with Rah Eleh, Halifax, 2018

Akimbo, Rah SuperNova, Toronto, 2018

Race as Performance, Thorneloe University, Sudbury, 2018

MasterClasses and Workshops, Dalhousie University, Halifax, 2018

Art Now! Speakers’ Series, Western University, London, 2017

Performance is Alive, Miami, 2017

Gallery 44, Toronto, 2017

Rah Eleh: Cinema Conversacion, Dear Sister, Berlin, Germany, 2016

Koumaria, Greece, 2016

Studio XX: Rah Eleh, Montreal, 2016

Art Souterrain: Rah, Montreal, 2016

Performance Voyage 5, Helsinki, Finland, 2015

Women Studio Workshop, Rosendale, New York, 2015

Ways of Being Here, Toronto, 2015

FADO, Performance Art Centre, 2014

Georgia Fee Residency: Resident Updates, New York, 2014

Studio Das Weisse Haus, Vienna, 2014