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“The development of Rah’s performative characters from 2012 to now seems to unfold chronologically: from the nostalgic-exilic clinging to tradition and essentializing stereotypes seen with Fatimeh, to the contemporaneity of Oreo’s use of media platforms (Instagram, Tinder, and YouTube) for critical racial drag with global reach and interactivity, to Coco’s wordless, utopic, agency, dancing as a resilient other in a mock reality talent show called SuperNova (2018, video). Rah’s career trajectory may be perceived in these characters’ developments, as if signifying historical stages, or suggesting multiple, simultaneous modernities (two of which are clearly not Western): focused on past, present, and future.”

–  PhD Andrea D. Fitzpatrick from ““Stars are Not Always White: Queering Race, Temporality, and Iranian Identity in Rah’s SuperNova.

Conference Presentations

Fitzpatrick, A. “From Oreo to SuperNova: Queer Black Feminism in Contemporary Art,” Black Feminism in North and Latin American Art panel, UAAC (Universities Art Association of Canada) Annual Conference, Quebec, Oct. 2019. See p. 315 of conference program:

Fitzpatrick, A. “Stars are Not Always White: Queering Race, Temporality, and Iranian Identity in Rah’s SuperNova,” Queer Visualities: African Perspectives, Other Perspectives, North West University at Potchefstroom, South Africa, Feb. 2019. See p. 16 of conference program:

Rah Eleh IMBD


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Video/ Television/ Radio Interviews

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