Shades of the Orient

“Shades of the Orient”is a light box installation that was commissioned by SAW Gallery for the show “Transformer: the Body Remixed.” Shades of the Orient is a photographic image made by exposing a single frame multiple times while moving around within the frame as the light hits the set. Completed in 2012, this piece is an extension of the Oriental Drag video, a stop motion animation. The dance movements visible in the image capture a mélange of vogue, hip hop, and traditional Iranian dancing. Through the dancing, Rah explore issues of being, hybrid identities, and the quest of self-exploration.

03_RS_2013_Shades of the Orient_Lightbox


Installation shots at SAW Gallery for “Transformer:The Body Remixed”

Photo credit: Remi Theriault and Jackpine

Studio Assistant: Sasha Vreca