Refugees Welcome, Preview Version, 3 Channel Video, Studio Das Weisse Haus, Vienna, Austria, 2014






“Refugees Welcome” is a three channel video installation that addresses the complex experiences of LGBT Iranian expats and refugees living in Vienna. The first video of three shows the collaborators prior to the interview. Rah is seen syncing the camera and the audio, meanwhile the camera captures a poignant psychological state of self-reflection and vulnerability that is visible in the gestures of each collaborator.

The second channel of “Refugees Welcome” follows the linear format of documentary filmmaking and the clips are edited to adhere to this traditional approach.

The third channel of “Refugees Welcome is an archive. It challenges the traditional documentary approach by providing the listener with the full interview. The audience is presented with the process of selective questioning. This channel has minimal edits, therefore, the entire conversation is available as an archive.

I focused on challenging the traditional and linear documentary approach by creating a multiple channel installation and allowing the viewer to listen and see the work prior to editing.