Solo Exhibitions

Top Kino Cinema, Curated by Mahsa Abdolzoadeh, “Dear Sister: Der Film.”
Vienna, Austria,2016

Ax Gallery, Curated by Saied Sharifi, “Dear Sister.”
Berlin, Germany, 2016

SomoS, Curated by Paulus Fugers, “Dear Sister.”
Berlin, Germany, 2016

Kaapelitehdas-Cable Factory, Curated By Hanna Uusi-Seppa,”Art Fair Suomi.”
Helsinki,Finland, 2015

Carleton University Art Gallery, Curated by Jaclyn Meloche, “Coalesce.”
Ottawa, ON, 2015

Women’s Studio Workshop, Curated by Heige Kim, “August Art Festival.”
Rosendale,NY, 2015

Xpace Cultural Centre, Curated by FADO and Kate Barry, “11:45.”
Toronto, ON, 2014

Williams College Museum of Art, Curated by Ph.D. Maurita N. Poole, “Oriental Barbie.”
MA, USA, 2013

Group Exhibitions 

A.P.A Galeria, Curated by Katherina Swoboda and Mare Van Koningsveld. “The Frame That Blinds Us.” Budapest, Hungary, 2017

Onassis Cultural Centre, Curated by Medea Electronique, “Diasporas in Dialogue: Multiculturalism, Migration and the Improvisatory Imagination.”                                                                               Athens, Greece, 2016

Nieuwe Vide, Curated by Mare Van Koningsveld and Lennard Dost, “Migration World Cinema.”      Haarlem, Netherlands, 2016

The Open Gallery, Curated by Barbora Raceviciute, “Ways of Being Here.”
Toronto, Canada, 2016

Place Bonaventure, Curated by Anais Castro and Marie-Josée Rousseau, “Art Souterrain.”
Montreal, Canada, 2016

Le Centre D’Art, Curated by Sasha Huber, “Performance Voyage 5.”
Ville De Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, 2016

Atelier Nord ANX, Curated by Timo Soppela,”Performance Voyage 5.”
Oslo, Norway, 2015

Trinity Square Video, Curated by Timo Soppela, “Performance Voyage 5.”
Toronto, ON, 2015

SAW Gallery, Curated by Timo Soppela, “Performance Voyage 5.”
Ottawa, ON, 2015

Finnish Institute in Stockholm, Curated by Timo Soppela,”Performance Voyage 5.”
Stockholm, Sweden

MaxArtFest, a Contemporary Art Festival, Curated by Timo Soppela, “Performance Voyage 5.”
Zagreb, Croatia

New Performance, Turku Festival, Curated by Timo Soppela. “Performance Voyage 5.”
Turku, Finland

MUU Galleria, Curated by Timo Soppela, “Performance Voyage 5.”
Helsinki, Finland, 2015

Kunst Am Spreeknie – Schöneweide Art Festival, Curated by Timo Soppela,”LANDSCAPE – METROPOLIS & Performance Voyage 5.”
Berlin, Germany, 2015

Snehta Residency, Curated by MUU Galleria, “Performance Voyage 5.”
Athens, Greece, 2015

Totaldobže Art Centre, Curated by MUU Galleria “Urban Poetry Festival.”
Riga, Latvia, 2015

Miami International Performance Festival’15, Curated by MUU Galleria, “PV5.”
Miami, USA, 2015

Kunst Am Spreeknie, Curated by MUU Galleria, “Schöneweide Art Festival 2015.”
Berlin, Germany, 2015

Studio 103, Artscape Youngplace, Curated By Lo Bil,”Process 9.”
Toronto, Canada, 2015

[.BOX] Videoart Project Space, Curated by MUU Galleria, “Performance Voyage 5.”
Milan, Italy, 2015

Stichting Ruimtevaart, Curated by MUU Galleria,”Performance Voyage 5.”
Den Haag, The Netherlands, 2015

Petersburger Salon, Curated By Pitt Sauerwein, “Something Magic.”
Hamburg, Germany, 2014

Studio Das Weisse Haus, Guided Tour by Lucas Cuturi,”Vienna Art Week.”
Vienna, Austria, 2014

Fluc, Curated By Ursula Maria Probst,”Pocket of Resistance.”
Vienna, Austria, 2014

Kunsthaus Graz Museum, Curated by Gregor Krammer,”B the Beat Festival.”
Graz, Austria, 2014

Arts Court, Curated by Julie Tucker & Azarin Sohrabkhani,”Ottawa International Animation Festival: Disney Made Me Do It.”
Ottawa, ON, 2014

PDA Projects, Curated by Brendan A. DeMontigny and Meredith Snider, “PDA Launch.”
Ottawa, Canada, 2014

Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Centre, Curated by Artslant, “Cutlog NY.”
New York, USA, 2014

Rosenthal Gallery, Curated by Aziz Sohail, “Islam Contemporary.”
North Carolina, USA, 2014

Performance Space, Curated by Maria Unpronounceable, “Toothache Duets.”
London, UK, 2013

SAW Gallery, Curated by Jason St. Laurent, “Transformer. The Body Remixed.”
Ottawa, Canada, 2013

Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, Curated by Abdul Aziz Sohail, “Islam Contemporary.”
MA, US, 2013

Oriental Charm, Curated by Beth Greenhorn and Andrea Stokes, “Chinatown Remixed.”
Ottawa, Canada, 2013

University of Ottawa, Curated by the Graduating Students, “Momentum.”
Ottawa, Canada, 2013

La Petite Mort Gallery, Curated by Guy Berube, “National Geographic Goes Ghetto.”
Ottawa, Canada, 2012

Nuit Blanche, Curated by Meredith Snider, “Life is Beautiful.”
Ottawa, Canada, 2012

Villa Kuriosom, Curated by Amirali Ghasemi and Friederike Berat, “It’s Normal.”
Berlin, Germany, 2012

Orange Art Gallery, Curated by Ashley White, “Art and Afghan Women: From Kabul to the Capital.”
Ottawa, Canada, 2012

SAW Gallery, Curated by PhD. Andrea Fitzpatrick, “Ciphers: Tension with Tradition in
Contemporary Iranian Photography.”
Ottawa, Canada, 2012

Paradigm Gallery, Dean of Visual Arts Gallery, University of Ottawa.
Ottawa, Canada, 2012

St Brigids Center for the Arts, Curated by Wanda Fletcher, “Wicked Wanda’s Spring Show.”
Ottawa, Canada, 2011

Shanghai, Curated by Agitate: Queer Women of Colour Collective.
Ottawa,Canada, 2011

Gallery 115, University of Ottawa Gallery, Curated by Lorraine Gilbert, “Large Format Photography”
Ottawa, Canada, 2011

La Petite Mort Gallery, Curated by Andrew Gayed and Taylor Norris, “Vasa Joins Mort.”
Ottawa, Canada, 2011

SAW Gallery, Curated by Agitate: Queer Women of Colour Collective.
Ottawa,Canada, 2010

Ambassador’s Gala,“Art Auction.”
Ottawa,Canada, 2010

Collaborative Performances

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Directed by Franz Erhard Walther, “Call to Action.” Toronto, 2016

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Directed by Ryan McNamara, “Several Interventions in the Course of Two Hours.” Toronto, 2016

Nuit Blanche, Directed by Christof Mignone, “Hit Parade.” Toronto, 2015


Western University, Masters of Fine Arts, In Progress, 2018

University of Ottawa, Major Bachelor of Fine Arts Minor Women Studies, 2013

Awards & Commissions 

Alumni Graduate Award, 2017

Jeux De La Francophonie, Team Canada, Shortlisted Finalist, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 2017

Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant for Media Artist, 2016

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Joseph- Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, 2016 

Western Graduate Research Scholarship, 2016

Dean’s Entrance Scholarship, 2016

Chair’s Entrance Scholarship, 2016

Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant for Media Artist,  2015

Conseil Des Arts et Des Lettres Du Quebec Grant for Research/Production in Film Video, 2015

LOOP Discovery Award, Shortlist, Barcelona, 2015   

Conseil Des Arts et Des Lettres Du Quebec Grant for Research/Production in Digital Arts, 2014    

Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant for Media Artist, 2014

Sponsored Membership, Art Engine, 2014

Ottawa International Animation Festival, Commission, Ottawa, 2014

SAW Gallery, Commission, Light Box for Transformer: The Body Remixed, Ottawa, 2014

City of Ottawa Direct Art Purchase,Shortlist,  2013

BMO Financial Group 1st Art! Invitational Student Art Competition, Shortlist, 2013

Ottawa Art Gallery Graduating Student Award of Excellence, 2013

Dean’s List Merit Scholarship, Institutional, 2012

SAW Video Award, 2012

New Perspective Conference,  Dean of Research, University of Ottawa, Topic: Perspectives of Aging, 2011


Koumaria Residency, Sellasia, Sparta Greece, 2016

MUU Galleria, Helsinki, Finland, 2015

Studio Das Weisse Haus, Vienna, Austria, 2014

Georgia Fee Artist/ Writer Residency, Paris, France, 2014


Onassis Cultural Centre, “Diasporas in Dialogue: Multiculturalism, Migration and the Improvisatory Imagination Conference.” Athens, Greece, 2016

Studio XX, Artist Talk and Presentation,Montreal, QC, March 10, 2016 

University of Ottawa, Guest lecture: Women and Media, Ottawa, ON, March 9, 2016

Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, Performance and Media, Kingston, ON, 2016

University of Ottawa,  Contemporary Art of the Middle East, Ottawa, ON, 2016

Alfred University, Studio Visits: Rah Artist PresentationAlfred NY, 2015

Grünes Haus, Mahsa Abdolzadeh, Homosexuelle Frauen im Iran, Graz, Austria, 2015

Hart House, Peggy Gale, Rose-Coloured Glasses for Toronto Video, Toronto, Canada, 2015

University of Ottawa,Sculpture and Transformation,Ottawa, Canada, 2015

University of Ottawa, Art, Globalization, and Cultural Hybridities, Ottawa, Canada,  2015

SPAO,The Shrinking World of Photography Symposium, Ottawa, Canada, 2015

LPM Gallery, Light Painting with Raheleh Saneie, Ottawa, Canada, 2013

Pecha Kucha Global Event, Hidden Heroes, Ottawa, Canada, 2013

Acquisitions and Collections

University of Ottawa Library, 2015

Private Collector, Andrew Gayed,  2015

Private Collector, Andrew Wright,  2013

Private Collector, Brenden Johnstone, 2012

Private Collector, Kristen Moran and Tyler Aldercotte, 2011

Private Collector, Tash Moreau and Christopher Tashe, 2011

Private Collector, Jessica Putinski, 2011






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