2019 | #oreo_liveitwhite 


In this exhibition, Rah uses social apps as a “relational sketchbook” where she performs as Oreo to critically examine nationalism in the digital age by appropriating hashtags, visuals and symbols used by nationalists online.

2019 | The/Da


“Rah Eleh introduced The /Da (2018), a proposal crossed by her experience of the diaspora and the forced adoption of the linguistic ideologies of our country. 

2018 | SuperNova


SuperNova is a talent show parody that consists of seven characters in which Rah performs. Each of Oreo, Fatimeh, and Coco’s acts examine issues of race and ethnic performance. 

2017 | Oreo’s Tour of Rober Fones Exhibition at Museum London


Oreo performs the role of a docent and takes the viewer through Robert Fone’s exhibition.

2017 | Oreo’s Bedroom


Documentation of exhibition at Gallery 44, Toronto. 

2017 | Ethnic Roots


Ethnic Roots is a parody that blends film noir and the format of DIY youtube tutorials. “Oreo” performs as a femme fatale and reflects on an encounter with a detective who attempts to guess her ethnicity.

2016 | Dear Sister


The documentary is about five sisters that reunite in Istanbul after 27 years. 

2015 | Absence and Representation 


Rah started this work as a solo performance “NW25” (Neutral Warm 25) for Process 9 at Artscape Youngplace in Toronto. Rah was invited by MUU Gallery in Finland to create a performance for Art Fair Suomi. 

2015 | Oriental Dance Workshop 


The Oriental Dance Workshop was performed by Rah’s character  Fatimeh, at the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale (NY), Carleton University Art Gallery in Ottawa and Nuit Blanche Montreal.

2014 | Refugees Welcome 


“Refugees Welcome” is a three channel video installation that addresses the complex experiences of LGBT Iranian expats and refugees living in Vienna. 

2014 | #ArabianNights


#ArabianNights was commissioned by the Ottawa International Animation Festival for the “Disney Made Me Do It” exhibition and auction.

2014 | Oreo


 “Oreo,” is a Youtube tutorial parody which was completed as part of Artslant’s Georgia Fee Residency in Paris. 

2014 | Ululation


“Ululation” was a six-hour durational performance performed at Xpace Cultural Centre in Toronto, ON in March 2013. 

2013 | Oriental Drag


“Oriental Drag” was a two-hour durational performance at Williams College Museum of Art in Williamstown Massachusetts on November 21, 2013. 

2013 | Self Portrait


“Self Portrait” is a two channel video installation. Both channels are projected larger than life size and are installed in front of each other.

2013 | Oriental Tutorial



2012 | Tea Ceremony at the Iranian Embassy


In 2012 Rah performed a tea ceremony in protest outside the Iranian embassy in Canada.  

Interview with Proshat Kalami

2012 | Shades of the Orient


“Shades of the Orient”is a light box installation that was commissioned by SAW Gallery for the show “Transformer: the Body Remixed.” 


2012 | Body Projections




2012 | Sham


 Light Drawing Digital Photographs


2012 | Solace


Tableau Vivant


2012 | Reflection


Digital Video (Preview)


2012 | Sound of Strings


On the right of this 2 channel video Rah is threading her face, a form of epilation and it originates from middle eastern countries. On the left she is sewing the front of chador, a garment worn by women in Islamic countries to show religious affiliation

2012 | Oriental Drag


“Oriental Drag” is a stop motion that consists of one-thousand photographs. The poses in each image are inspired by hip hop, vogue, and traditional Iranian dancing.