Recent Projects (old)

SuperNova | UWAG

SuperNova Installation at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery, 2021


Large scale photographic triptych, Lightbox, 2021


SuperNova Installation at Articule, 2020

SuperNova | CUAG

SuperNova Installation, commissioned by the Carleton University Art Gallery, 2019


SuperNova is a talent show parody that consists of seven characters in which I perform. The performers are Oreo, Fatimeh, and Coco and each of their acts examine issues of race and ethnic performance; Oreo performs a magic trick with a deck of white “race cards,” Fatimeh sings and performs a neo-orientalist ethnic identity and Coco performs a dance as a diasporic and hybrid subject. 


The goal of this project was to shed light on the issue of self-immolation involving young women in the Middle-East and Central Asia, through the lens of survivor’s stories.

Xenofuturist Manifesto

The Xenofuturist Manifesto enumerates a set of tools for hybrid beings whose desire leads to a sense of spatiality, temporality and futurity outside of diaspora.